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The organic balance Prismatic bio-tec

Acid RainAcid rainAcid rainAcid rainAcid rainAcid rain
Confrontation - contemplation Urban reserve I Tolerance Transgenics
Altered environment Genetic break- up  I, 2, 3… Natural EquilibriumNatural Equilibrium
Metamorphosis: the sensitive skinMetamorphosis: the sensitive skin Acid Rain (detail)

“The paintings of Tatiana Montoya embrace the academic tradition of Abstract Expressionism, and its’ canons of brilliant and contrasting color, the inspiration of nature and mystical landscape, and the language of metaphor and symbol. Montoya relies upon the physical primacy of the medium—metal-leaf papers and chemicals—to infuse meaning. The power of the image evokes the observer’s emotions and stimulates contemplative and controversial thought.”

Written text for the exhibition catalogue. Abstract-actions-biotechniques. 2004.

Cynthia B. Mac Mullin.

MacMullin has been a curator of art for more than 20 years. She has been a curator, art history professor and writer on Latin American Art for the past decade.

“Montoya is covered in silver-leaf after attacking her painting with a brush, even before she has been attacked by the geometric language which marks its behavior. Her style and her manner confronts with a religious blindness and aesthetic creeds, but it competes in the fields of the intimate with the obsession of prays (golden) made to the God of time; the stages of knowledge are renewals in the corporality of faith”.

Abstract-actions-biotechniques: in search of the promised land. Text written for the exhibition catalogue “abastract-actions-biotechniques”. 2004

Ivan Leroy

Leroy is an Independent Curator and Academic. He has taught Humanities at the Polytecnic University since 1985, and currently leads the course, “History of the Look” at the NBA for curators, researchers, museum professionals and visual artists.