politics of privacy

Legal notice: User Privacy and Utilization of Content

The policies established within this document apply to this website, TatianaMontoya.com.

Your privacy is very important to us. We furnish this declaration of privacy in order for you to understand the terms and conditions associated with the collection and use of information in this website. We assure you of the following:

  1. During your navigation through the web site, tatianamontoya.com, we will not register any information about you except that which you decide to enter under, “contact,” in order to communicate with the artist.
  2. The information that you will send through the form of “contact” is private. Only the artist has access to your contact information.
  3. Any information coming from you will never be sold or rented to any third parties under any circumstance.

When using this site you have to remember that:

  1. www.tatianamontoya.com reserves the right to change the published information at any moment without prior notice.
  2. The content that appears in this page (works, comments, paintings, drawings, photos) are the property of the artist and the respective authors. Reproduction is forbiddden. In order to use any part of the site contents, you are required to directly communication by electronic mail to contact@tatianamontoya.com asking for permission of use, distribution or publication. Please be specific in regards to how the information will be use either by electronic media or non electronic media.
  3. The contents of this page are protected by the rights of the author, Tatiana Montoya. Reproduction, publication or utilization without the expressed authorization of the artist will be legally enforced.

Thank you for visiting www.tatianamontoya.com, please respect copyright.