“…Special attention deserves the mirages an optical effects that is accentuated with the movement of any observer. The ever-changing images do not seem to have a beginning or an end. Deceiving rhythms and illusions that turn these mirages into rejuvenated versions of lyrical abstraction." 

The abstract paintings of Tatiana Montoya embrace the academic tradition of Abstract Expressionism, and its' canons of brilliant and contrasting color, the inspiration of nature and mystical landscape, and the language of metaphor and symbol.

"...The unexpected, of magic, coincidence and randomness of the secret effects of time should be added to Montoya’s work. Sometimes, metal refuses to keep concealment as constitute, time of resistance when the artist has to insist on, or perhaps, persisting as a revealing act." 

"...Montoya has been bathed in silver after the brush’s assault on the picture. Previously, she had only been attacked by the language of geometry that tattooed her conduct."   

"...The work of Tatiana Montoya is not based on image as an illusion, not even as a representation that may alter the principle of creation. Her work is based on the curiosity that moves experience (guided by challenging the principle of things) in which the interest lies in demonstrating the action, the small explosion that brings the subject to life."

"...A lover of contemplation, Tatiana Montoya is inevitably abstract. She assumes a variety of geometries, including square, rectangular and circular, traversing repeated forms of gold and silver leaf, until finding the balance of the complete image, always in search of a symmetry that may be broken with the flow of wounded, gushing, bright material, such as silver." 

"...I could expand on my comments to discuss just a few of the works of Tatiana Montoya, but I will just point out that I believe her work is highly cultured and refined, so due to her unique position in Mexican art, it seems that this work should not go unnoticed." 

“… Each element of her work takes on, an independent nature and gestural weight, at the same time it looks as related universes of counterpoints in which one action ask or complement the reading of the other."

“…Far from sheer experimentation, the artist indulges the borders of morphology. Every skin fracture of the paintings substance as a fertile paradise for her imagination – as if there was an unfulfilled commitment with Mother Nature – for which Montoya willingly extenuates the limits of matter." 

"... Sensual and dramatic abstract paintings charged with iconic power often attributed to the mystical properties of gold and silver that carries a transcendent and metaphysical presence." 

“…I Have to accept that today in Mexico contemporary art: painting, graphics, photography and installation has an important aesthetic discourse, with a critical philosophy, revealing findings in its proposals, ever further flows in vogue."